Monthly Book Reviews

Each month, Pastor Stef reads and reviews a different book - many of which you can find in The Hub, our church library.

  • VAnishing Grace: What ever happened to the good news

    Click here for August 2019 Book Review

    In his landmark book What's So Amazing about Grace?, Philip Yancey issued a call for Christians to be as grace-filled in their behavior as they are in declaring their beliefs. He now returns to this vital subject, asking why Christians continue to lose respect, influence, and reputation in modern culture.   Yet people everywhere still thirst for grace. How can Christians present truly Good News amid the changing landscapes of our time? Why do so many people dislike Christians? How can we communicate faith in an appealing way to future generations? Using his trademark journalistic style--story-filled, compelling, accessible--Yancey explores how grace can bridge the gap between Christian faith and a world increasingly suspicious of it.

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  • Overcoming the impossible: a life of trials and triumphs

    Click here for July 2019 Book Review

    Monica faces numerous daily challenges in her life. Her physical challenges are evident, but her inner turmoil she hid from the world until now. She stands out from the crowd because she is different; yet there is an inner strength that pushes her forward to Overcome the Impossible.

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  • Sources of christian self: a cultural history of christian identity

    Click here for June 2019 Book Review

    Beginning with such Old Testament figures as Abraham, Moses, and David and moving through the New Testament, the early church, the Middle Ages, and onward, the forty-two biographical chapters in Sources of the Christian Self illustrate how believers historically have defined their selfhood based on their relation to God/Jesus.

    Purchase James Houston's & Jens Zimmermann's book here.

  • Can god be trusted? faith and the Challenge of Evil

    Click here for May 2019 Book Review

    In a world riddled with disappointment, malice, and tragedy, what rationale do we have for believing in a benevolent God? If God is all-powerful and all-loving, why is there so much evil in the world? John Stackhouse goes beyond Rabbi Harold Kushner, M. Scott Peck, and others to take a more historically informed approach to this dilemma, examining what philosophers and theologians have said on subject and offering reassuring answers for thoughtful readers.

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  • The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation

    Click here for April 2019 review.

    In a radical new vision for Christianity, Rod Dreher issues a manifesto and clarion call for American Christians to consider how the practices of an ancient Christian way of life—the Benedictine way initiated by sixth-century monk, St. Benedict of Nursia—can be applied and lived out within today's Church.

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  • Uncommon Decency: Christian Civility in an Uncivil World

    Click here for February 2019 Review

    Can Christians act like Christians even when they disagree?  In these wild and diverse times, right and left battle over the airwaves, prolifers square off against prochoicers, gay liberationists confront champions of hte traditional family, artists and legislators tangle, even Christians fight other Christians whose doctrines aren't "just so."

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  • Gay Girl, Good God

    Click here for December 2018 Review

    Growing up fatherless, Jackie abused drugs, loved pornography, embraced lesbianism---and knew what Christians said about all of the above. But how was she supposed to change when homosexuality felt natural to her? When she came face-to-face with God at 19, she found her answer! Read her amazing story and discover how she was made new.

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  • The Bible Made Impossible: Why Biblicism is not a Truly Evangelical Reading of Scripture

    Click here for September 2018 Review

    In The Bible Made Impossible acclaimed sociologist Christian Smith argues that this approach is misguided and unable to live up to its own claims. If evangelical biblicism worked as its proponents say it should, there would not be the vast variety of interpretive differences that biblicists themselves reach when they actually read and interpret the Bible. Far from challenging the inspiration and authority of Scripture, Smith critiques a particular rendering of it, encouraging evangelicals to seek a more responsible, coherent, and defensible approach to biblical authority.

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  • PTL:  The rise and fall of Jim and TAmmy Fay Bakker's Evangelical Empire

    Click here for August 2018 Review

    In 1974 Jim and Tammy Bakker launched their television show, the PTL Club, from a former furniture store in Charlotte, N.C. with half a dozen friends. By 1987 they stood at the center of a ministry empire that included their own satellite network, a 2300-acre theme park visited by six millionpeople a year, and millions of adoring fans. This is the story of a grand vision gone wrong, of the power of big religion in American life and its limits.

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